Facebook video player updated: Offering full-screen mode, slider, suggestions

Updated Facebook video player accompanies additional controls to let users consume video content as per their needs and preference
An undated image displaying Facebook logo on a laptop. — Pexels
An undated image displaying Facebook logo on a laptop. — Pexels

Tech giant Meta has rolled out an updated version of Facebook's video player to the stable version of the app.

Updated Facebook video player service

With the video player instilled with new features, the Facebook video player service now has room to accommodates Reels, longer videos and Live content simultaneously in one fullscreen, ensuring to enhance the visual appeal of the app and make user experience more engaging.

Bear in mind that Facebook's updated video player is exclusively rolling out to the platform's iOS and Android version in the US and Canada, with its availability across the globe slated to be observed in the near future. 

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Facebook users will see a vertically aligned fullscreen after tapping on any random video on the app. However, this user experience may differ with select users, as you might have watched content in a horizontally aligned or a Feed-like video player, depending on the length of the video. 

What's new on updated Facebook video player? 

What sets the updated version of video player apart from the older one is the former one offers suggestions based on topics it believes will interest you. 

Making it more enticing, the updated Facebook video player accompanies additional controls to let users consume video content as per their needs and preference. 

Additional controls on updated Facebook video player

Although videos will appear vertically by default, a new fullscreen option will be popping up for most of them, allowing users to view in landscape orientation. On top of it, a single tap on the video screen will lead to the emergence of controls, enabling users to go back ten seconds, pause, or fast-forward, ensuring a tailored experience wherein you can skip or rewatch certain parts of a video.