Features for upcoming Apple Watch: Rumours suggest hypertension detection, more

Major redesign, microLED display, blood pressure monitoring, hypertension detection, and sleep apnea detection are expected for Apple Watch in 2024
An undated image of an Apple Watch. — Unsplash

An undated image of an Apple Watch. — Unsplash

Awaiting for new features for your Apple Watch? If yes, then this is certainly what we're going to discuss right away here. 

Your quest to know the truth comes to an end as prolific tipsters — Mark Gurman and Jeff Pu — that cover extensively on Apple products has hinted at some remarkable features for the world's most sold smart watch. 

Now brace for them as their release is nearing as we talk. Although the exact release date for new features has not been suggested by any speculators. 

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However, they have marked the release of in-the-making Apple Watch series and iPhone series to accompany the way out of five major features. So, keep your savings intact to upgrade to the latest model of the smart wearable. 

New features for latest Apple Watch (Expected)

Since this is based on rumours, these are the five major features you might see in the upcoming Apple Watch in 2024. 

  1. Major Redesign
  2. microLED Display
  3. Blood Pressure Monitoring
  4. Hypertension Detection
  5. Sleep Apnea Detection

Major redesign

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is planning a significant overhaul for the Apple Watch, as the company intends to make the device slimmer by introducing a sleeker casing and exploring alternative methods for band attachment. These new bands might utilise magnetic connections, allowing for increased internal space within the Apple Watch for larger batteries and other components. 

microLED display

Analysts Jeff Pu and display analyst Ross Young suggest that Apple is developing a new variant equipped with a 2.1-inch micro-LED display, potentially set for release in 2024 or 2025. Speculation hints at the possibility of multiple size options, or alternatively, the "Apple Watch X" may offer a larger format with a redesigned case and narrower bezels. 

Blood Pressure Monitoring

According to Bloomberg's Gurman, Apple intends to introduce blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch by 2024. This feature will alert users to any rising trends in their blood pressure. Unlike common methods to measure blood pressure with an inflatable cuff wrapped around the upper arm, Apple is expected to use sensors to measure the speed of the heartbeat wave through the arteries. 

Hypertension Detection

Gurman also reported that Apple's blood pressure monitoring system will include the ability to detect hypertension. Users will have the option to record their activities during these episodes, helping in medical diagnosis. To prevent potential misdiagnosis, the Apple Watch will prompt users to consult their doctor or use a traditional cuff for precise systolic and diastolic measurements. 

Sleep Apnea Detection

In addition to other updates, Apple might introduce a sleep apnea — a disorder characterized by frequent pauses in breathing during sleep, leading to oxygen deficiency and sleep disruption — detection feature for the Apple Watch this year. Its symptoms include loud snoring and choking sounds. According to a Bloomberg report from November 2023, the Apple Watch will analyse sleep data and breathing patterns to estimate if a user may have sleep apnea, advising them to seek medical attention if necessary.