Final Fantasy 16 might release for Xbox on this date

Final Fantasy 13 was released on Xbox 360 at the same time as global PlayStation release in 2010
The image shows a screengrab from Final Fantasy 16. — Finalfantasyxvi
The image shows a screengrab from Final Fantasy 16. — Finalfantasyxvi

As the blissful, full-of-perks spell is about to begin in the Final Fantasy 16 as Shpeshal Nick, the XboxEra podcast host, has brought to light a ray of hope, claiming that the game is making its way to Xbox.

The impending, supposed though, addition of the most latest update of Final Fantasy on the Xbox catalogue could mark a departure from the tradition: Xbox users getting to play such titles after everyone else, or entirely missing out on them.  

However, PlayStation players have been relishing as Final Fantasy and Sony's console gaming platform stay synced all the time. 

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Final Fantasy 13 stands out as an exception, as it was released on the Xbox 360 at the same time as the worldwide PlayStation release in 2010. Additionally, Square Enix's MMO, Final Fantasy 14, is scheduled for release on Xbox in March of this year.

Rumors from one of XboxEra's hosts, Shpeshal Nick, suggest that Final Fantasy 16 may also be coming to Xbox in the near future. Nick revealed this information during the most recent episode of Riskit4theBiskit.

“I got the DM and they were like, if you want something for the rumor mill, Final Fantasy 16’s getting an Xbox port…” Shpeshal Nick said. 

He also disclosed that the information was provided by the same source who accurately informed him about the appearance of Visions of Mana in the Xbox Developer Direct.

Last year, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, suggested that the game might be coming to Xbox. However, there has been no official confirmation from either Square Enix or Microsoft.