Final Fantasy 7 in deep waters: Square Enix takes a huge loss

Final Fantasy 7 takes a huge hit at the start line of the sprint as it fails to reach Square Enix’s expectation
An undated image of Final Fantasy 7. — Pixabay/File
An undated image of Final Fantasy 7. — Pixabay/File  

Square Enix, the company behind Final Fantasy, recent projects were not welcomed with huge amounts of profits and rather painted the company black.

Final Fantasy 7 rebirth was initially released on Febuary 29, 2024 as a Playstation 5 exclusive. The game offered great visuals and looked promising initially.

However, despite it’s attractive features it failed to reach Square Enix’s expected profit quota. Not only this but the game did not capture the attention of the masses.

This not only was a huge loss to the company but the company suffered from it’s prior projects such as Final Fantasy 16 and Foamstars that also resulted in losses for Square Enix.

The company’s profit plummeted to 15.8% during the period ended March 31.

Square Enix is yet to publish it’s sales of Final Fantasy that do not look pleasant. Foamstars and Final Fantasy 16 's sales also classify under same borderline.

Square Enix’s strategy post Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

As the recent projects have not pointed out to be fruitful, the company has decided to play a fresh card.

Despite being surrounded by loss, the initiative comprises of pushing Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 16, and newer games to multiple platforms such as Nintendo,Playstation and XBOX.

The company remains adamant in fighting against the losses by pushing their projects to other platforms. Only time will tell whether this strategy will help Square Enix or not.