Final Fantasy IV cheats for PC, PS1, PS4, PSP, Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy IV is acclaimed for its compelling narrative and balanced gameplay
An image of the Final Fantasy IV cover. Steam/File
An image of the Final Fantasy IV cover. Steam/File

Originally released for the Super Famicom in 1990, Final Fantasy IV made its way to the SNES the following year as Final Fantasy II and later received its official Western release as Final Fantasy IV on the PlayStation. 

Positioned as the first next-gen game in the series, it marked a significant advancement in terms of narrative, gameplay, and presentation. Unlike previous releases, Square opted for a simultaneous translation and development approach, resulting in a Western launch alongside the SNES release.

Except for the fully 3D Nintendo DS version, subsequent releases, including the Game Boy Advance version (2004) and PSP Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection (2011), used the same core assets and gameplay as the original. 

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The most recent release is part of the Pixel Remasters series, offering visual consistency and modern platform compatibility.

Final Fantasy IV is celebrated for its compelling narrative and balanced gameplay, often considered among the best in the series. With nearly 11 million units in cumulative sales, it remains the best-selling title among the first six Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy IV premise

In Final Fantasy IV, players assume the role of Dark Knight Cecil, navigating an existential crisis. The narrative unfolds through a "Hero’s Journey," exploring themes of redemption.

The game introduced a departure from customising character classes, assigning specific classes to party members. The Active-Time Battle System added a strategic element to battles, requiring quick thinking.

Final Fantasy IV main characters

  • Cecil: The protagonist, commander of Baron's Royal Air Force, conflicted by his Dark Knight powers.
  • Kain: Cecil's best friend and Dragoon Knights commander, harbouring a secret love for Rosa.
  • Rosa: A leading White Mage in Baron, Cecil's romantic interest, concerned about his internal conflict.
  • Rydia: One of the last Summoners, saved by Cecil, pledging loyalty for protection.
  • Golbez: The primary antagonist behind Baron's pursuit of Crystals, seeking to open the Moon's gateway.

Games in the Final Fantasy Series

Over 30 years since Final Fantasy IV's release, the series boasts 16 mainline entries, with Final Fantasy XVI being the latest. Square Enix continues to emphasise the series' future and upcoming mainline entries.

Final Fantasy IV cheats

While the RPG doesn't have official cheat codes, it features secrets and cheats via third-party peripherals. The Pixel Remaster version offers Boost functions on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, allowing players to adjust encounter rates, EXP, and Gil.

PS1 Game Shark Cheats (Final Fantasy Chronicles)

  • No Random Encounters: 800D0686 0231
  • Save Anywhere: 300D1A02 0001
  • Max Gil: 800D16A0 967F — 300D16A2 0098
  • Max Gil After Battle: 800D599A 967F — 300D599C 0098
  • Max EXP After Battle: 300D599D 007F — 800D599E 9896

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GBA Game Shark Codes (Final Fantasy IV Advance)

  • Master Code (Must be ON for others to work): 938CCAC38817 — B4D2CEE56602 — DF55DC852B91
  • Infinite HP: 6D723159BE0F — 38144FF5EB51 — 306E1D6DE560 — 0E1E1938DFBF — 5BD86585CAE1 — 306E1D6DE560
  • Infinite MP: 6D723159BE0F — B8F0E6F42A05 — 306E1D6DE560 — 0E1E1938DFBF — D368F48408B4 — 306E1D6DE560
  • Complete Bestiary: A07AE44E3E30 — 200A75EFB462
  • 50,000 EXP After Battle: 6D723159BE0F — 61E79A13B41A — 0E1E1938DFBF — 0AFF8A6396AB
  • No Random Battles: D3D05B598E9A

Pixel Remaster Boosts for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Open the Menu at any time while playing and choose "Configuration." Scroll down the Configuration Menu until you find "Boost." Players can activate or deactivate any of the following Boost cheats at any point throughout their gameplay:

Excalibur Acquisition: Obtain the Rat’s Tail, exchange it for Adamantium Ore, and give it with the Legend sword to the smithy in the Underground for Excalibur.

Item Duplication Glitch: In the PlayStation version, exploit a glitch during battle to duplicate any item by placing and retrieving items during battle.

Pixel Remaster Boosts: On PS4 and Nintendo Switch, players can adjust encounter rates, EXP, and Gil via Boost functions in the Configuration Menu.

These features contribute to the enduring popularity and critical acclaim of Final Fantasy IV within the broader Final Fantasy series.