First ever visionOS update introduces reset option for forgotten passwords

To install new visionOS update, users can open settings app and navigate to software update section
An undated image of Apple Vision Pro. — Apple

An undated image of Apple Vision Pro. — Apple

Shortly after steering through massive backlash and condemnation for lacking an option to reset the gadget in case of having the password forgotten, the tech giant Apple has released an update to the Vision Pro operating system named visionOS 1.0.3. 

The release of the visionOS update is the first update to be released since its launch earlier this month by Apple. 

The software update comes two weeks after the release of the visionOS 1.0.2 update. To install the new visionOS update, users can open the settings app and navigate to the software update section. 

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In version 1.0.3 of visionOS, Apple introduced a feature that allows users to reset the Vision Pro headset in case they forget the passcode. The update also includes fixes for unspecified bugs. According to Apple's release notes:

  • This update provides important bug fixes and adds an option to reset your device if you’ve forgotten your passcode.

The Vision Pro was initially launched without a method to reset the device without unlocking it with a passcode. This meant that users who forgot their passcodes had to visit an Apple retail store to reset it. However, with the update, if a passcode is entered incorrectly a certain number of times, users will have the option to erase the Vision Pro. 

It's important to note that erasing the Vision Pro does not remove Activation Lock, so even if someone stole the headset and used this feature to wipe it, they still wouldn't be able to log in with their Apple ID.