First look at the Galaxy Watch FE

Recently surfaced renders give the first glimpse of Galaxy Watch 4 twin Watch FE
Leaked renders of the Galaxy Watch FE. — X/@Sudhanshu1414
Leaked renders of the Galaxy Watch FE. — X/@Sudhanshu1414

Ahead of its anticipated launch in July, the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE has been the subject of consistent reports. Recently, Sadhanshu Ambhore shared a series of renders on X (formerly Twitter), giving us the first glimpse at what the devices could look like.

The Watch FE looks oddly similar to the Galaxy Watch 4, it has an aluminium casing, similar button placement and a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display with 396 by 396 pixels. The watches appear in three adaptable colours: black, light blue and pink.

This gives some weight to the notion that the Watch FE would be a rebranded Watch 4. It will feature the same internal components and a similar screen.

The device will boast 1.5GB RAM and 16GB of storage along with the Exynos W920 chipset. Under the hood, it’ll be powered by a 247 mah battery, expected to last for around 30 hours. Moreover, the device is also water-resistant and certified for up to 50 meters.

While the specs aren't the most flattering, especially when the Galaxy Watch 6 or the upcoming Watch 7 is considered, what matters the most, is its price. Currently, the Watch 4, the oldest variant on sale right now sits at about $199, as such a Watch FE should hover around the same price point.

This strategy will create space between higher and lower models and will help replace the older Watch 4.

With Samsung’s Galaxy unpacked just around the corner, we can expect the Watch FE to be launched alongside the more premium Watch 7. Regardless, as the weeks close in, we can expect more leaks.