Flappy Bird marks 11 years anniversary

Nguyen pulled out Flappy Bird from Apple’s app store and Google play store within a year after its release
An undated image of Flappy Bird. — Freepik
An undated image of Flappy Bird. — Freepik

Over ten years ago, Vietnamese programmer and video game artist Dong Nguyen had released the most iconic and outstanding game ‘Flappy Bird’ — which rose to prominence and gained user’s attention in a short period. The fact that the side-scrolling game became addictive is an extreme understatement when it arrived on Apple mobile platform on May 23, 2013.

This game had an addictive interface and players were hooked down over it. But unfortunately, the creator Nguyen took this game down as he believed it to be extremely distracting for the players. Here, let’s take a look down the memory lane to indulge into the details of this game that how did it manage to reach to the heights and popularity but later failed.

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Nguyen had developed an intriguing game by getting inspired from Angry Birds and you might be surprised to find out that Flappy Bird was developed just within two-three days. Initially, this game was only available in iPhone 5 but later on it was introduced in iOs 7 and Google play store.

As mentioned earlier, Flappy Bird attracted plenty of players and was listed in top free applications in the US and Chinese app stores. But, Nguyen witnessed an addictiver interface of this game and decided to pull it out from the app store and Play Store.

"Despite millions of users addicted to this game, Flappy birds lacked captivating visuals and had few movement related issues. Other sources mentioned that no skill was required to play this game which was only a short-term distraction for players obsessed with getting the highest score," Nguyen said.

The removal of Flappy Bird’s ensued in developing plenty of clones similar to its interface.