Foldable iPhone: Apple's dream device to release on THIS date

Apple’s foldable phone could 'significantly shift market dynamics'
An undated image showing Apples outlet. — Apple
An undated image showing Apple's outlet. — Apple

Apple has unveiled some details about its upcoming foldable iPhone. Whereas, the users are still concerned about the launch date; however, Cupertino-based company is expected to launch a foldable iPhone next year.

The launch of a foldable iPhone might have a major effect. The foldable iPhone comprise 1.5% of the tech market currently. However, this might boost to 4.8% by 2028. Apple is apparently “still evaluating component specifications and performance, with stringent requirements for crease and reliability.”

In addition, screen creasing is something from which many recent foldable devices suffer. This raises curiosity about their long-term durability and the potential for screen damage.

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Apple’s late entry might not be a loss as tech companies like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and Nubia have already unveiled famous foldable devices.

The foldable iPhone is expected to immediately to be a popular gadget immediately after its official release. Apple’s launch of a foldable phone could “significantly shift market dynamics.”

Apple is anticipated to unveil a large-screen foldable iPad or MacBook before the launch of a foldable iPhone.