Food startups that are changing the way we eat

Hundreds of food startups have tried to get a slice of the pie, but these have separated themselves from the crowd
A representative picture of a food startup. — Canva
A representative picture of a food startup. — Canva

Every year, people spend over $2 trillion on food. Hundreds of food startups have tried to get a slice of the pie, digging into new, innovative solutions in delivery, manufacturing, health, and other areas. Here we will explore some of the most exciting food startups that are changing the face of the industry.

Food delivery startups


Shef connects consumers with local chefs selling homemade meals. The marketplace features a diverse range of chefs — made up of 75% women and 80% people of colour — and cuisines from over 100 countries. The company aspires to redefine who can participate in the food economy by bringing in immigrants, refugees, stay-at-home parents, and more as chefs.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go helps restaurants, cafes, shops, and other businesses sell unsold food at a discounted price. With 160k+ establishments signed up, the app describes itself as a win-win-win: a win for customers, a win for businesses, and a win for the environment.


Getir helps customers avoid making a trip to the store through their delivery app, which promises users “groceries in minutes.” By partnering with local warehouses in its operating cities, Getir houses 1.5k+ products within proximity to customers.

Food and beverage startups


Hedgehog strives to make fungi the world’s next major food source. The firm describes fungi as “unique crops” that convert waste from agriculture into “protein-rich, meaty-tasting food.” Fungi farming has high labour costs. So, the company uses artificial intelligence and robots to automate parts of mushroom farming — reducing expenses by 70%+.

Yummy Future

Yummy Future makes robotic barista machines. Coffee shops have high labour costs, but this startup’s creation solves this problem. They claim their setup is 10x more affordable since it requires 1-2 hours of setup for 24 hours of operation.