Fortnite servers not responding: When are Fortnite servers going up? Latest update

With Fortnite servers not responding, waiting in queue is only increasing while fans eagerly await the start of Chapter 5: Season 2
The image is a Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 poster. — Epic Games
The image is a Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 poster. — Epic Games

With Fortnite servers not responding, waiting in queue is only increasing. Fans eagerly awaiting the start of Chapter 5: Season 2 face a delay as the game's servers remain offline beyond the planned maintenance period.

Owned by Epic Games, Fortnite's servers were initially taken down for routine maintenance to prepare for the new season. This downtime was expected to conclude on Friday morning. However, the updates are taking longer than anticipated, leaving players curious about when they can dive back into their beloved virtual battles.

When are Fortnite servers going up?

Epic Games had initially set the maintenance window from 8am to 2pm UTC on Friday, equivalent to 2am to 8am CT. The latest updates indicate an extension of about eight additional hours.

Epic Games expressed apologies for the extended wait for Chapter 5 Season 2 of Battle Royale. "The team is diligently working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We will provide further updates once we have more information," stated a Fortnite Status update on X, formerly known as Twitter.

This update was posted at 8:15am CT.

Where can I check the Fortnite status?

Players can keep an eye on the progress of the server update at

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: What is it about?

The anticipated release of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, originally scheduled for March 8, has hit a snag with the game's servers currently down, leaving fans wondering about the status of the game.

Dubbed "Myths and Mortals," the new season draws its theme from Greek mythology. A recent live event set the stage, featuring the opening of Pandora's Box by the community, which resulted in the release of numerous evils.

Fortnite has teased that this season will bring Olympian figures into the fray. Notably, Hades and Zeus are set to exert their mighty influence over the Island, and players will have the chance to wield their mythic powers in battle.

The season introduces fresh locales inspired by mythical lore, including Mount Olympus, Grim Gate, The Underworld, and Brawler's Battleground.

Players can look forward to new abilities, such as wielding Zeus’s Thunderbolt and experiencing the power of flight with the Wings of Icarus. Additionally, the Chains of Hades are expected to be introduced as a new power later in the season. The delay in server restoration has left fans eagerly anticipating these new features and the chance to explore the mythologically enriched Fortnite world.

For now, with Fortnite servers not responding players are super disappointed and impatient. However, since the company said they are working on it, we believe the servers will be back up again soon enough.