Need an Air Jump? Find Fortnite's Windmills and conquer the elements

To Air Jump at the Windmill the user must acquire Airbending technique
An undated image of Fortnite game. — Fortnite
An undated image of Fortnite game. — Fortnite

The Air Chakra challenge is now available in Fortnite, and to accomplish it, the user must jump near a Windmill while utilising air bending. This guide will show users how to find a Windmill in Fortnite and what users need to do to finish the Air Chakra Quest.

If users are making their way through the Fortnite tasks related to the Elements event, they will need to Air Jump at one of these places — once they obtain the necessary skill.

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Moreover, if users are not sure where to discover these agricultural constructions, here's how to locate an Air Jump at the Windmill or The Other Windmill in Fortnite.

Where to find The Windmill and The Other Windmill in Fortnite

There are presently two Windmills in Fortnite and their locations are on the map. The Windmill can be found southwest of Fencing Fields, while The Other Windmill lies southwest of Lavish Lair.

Whereas, these may be utilised for the quest users looking at here, and they only have to accomplish it once, so users have to choose whatever is most convenient.

How to Air Jump at The Windmill or The Other Windmill in Fortnite

To Air Jump at the Windmill or The Other Windmill in Fortnite, the user must first acquire the Airbending technique.

This may be discovered in the main treasure pool, but if the user doesn't want to rely on chance, head to one of the Fortnite Elemental Shrines dedicated to Air — One is north of Grand Glacier and the other is immediately east of Brawler's Battleground.

Whereas, they are both a reasonable distance from either of the Windmills. Moreover, the user can utilise the technique's Air Wheel ability to travel fast over any terrain and make it difficult for opponents to strike you while doing so, so set a map marker and make a beeline for one of the targets, then use the Air Jump ability to accomplish the objective.