FREE PS5 game shocks players: No PS Plus required

This game is pre-installed on your PS5, just waiting for you to start this fun journey
The image shows Play Station 5. — Sony
The image shows Play Station 5. — Sony

PlayStation 5 gamers are clamouring for an exciting sequel or expansion to one of its top-notch free games.

Among the roster of stellar exclusives like The Last Of Us, God Of War: Ragnarok, and the much-anticipated Marvel's Spider-Man 2, there's an unexpected exclusive that's stealing the spotlight as one of PS5's finest.

This standout game isn't one you need to swipe your PlayStation Plus membership for it's none other than Astro's Playroom.

Packaged with every PS5, Astro's Playroom is more than just a game — it's a showcase, a tech demo that flaunts the capabilities of this next-gen console. Think of a 3D platformer combined with a treasure trunk of PlayStation nostalgia, featuring vintage consoles, classic games, and accessories.

While it's only a glimpse into the PS5 universe, some players are fervently championing it as an underrated gem. Reddit user aaebrownguy even hailed it as "one of the best underrated games" they've ever encountered, praising the overall experience.

Players are rallying behind this adorable robot adventure, with many expressing a desire for more games featuring Astro in the future.

Sharing heartfelt moments, one player recounted their family's ongoing love for the game: “My kids play it all the time. Each of them has all played through multiple times and it was the most played game on our PS5 this year… and we’ve had our PS5 since 2021.”

Another enthusiast wished for a full-fledged Astro game, acknowledging Astro's Playroom's quality but longing for more quantity. Completing the game takes about three hours, or five if you're after all the hidden gems and collectables.

Rounding off the praise, one fan lauded its role in introducing PS5's features to users, dubbing it a “perfect introduction to the PS5. It’s an amazing pack-in game."

If you haven't ventured into Astro's Playroom yet, why wait? It's likely pre-installed on your PS5, just waiting for you to start this fun journey.

In a nutshell, among all the PlayStation and PlayStation 5 hype, Astro's Playroom is proving to be an unexpected hero, winning hearts and sparking a call for more gaming adventures.