Friend Solar System feature on Snapchat Plus: Here's how it works

Proximity of a friend's planet to sun (representing you) signifies how strong your friendship is
An undated image displaying the Snapchat Plus logo. — Snapchat
An undated image displaying the Snapchat Plus logo. — Snapchat

Are you a Snapchat user bored of the monotonous treatment of the app and its features, and would like to bounce on something different from what Snapchat is meant for? Then unlock special features of Snapchat, that will require you to purchase the premium version of Snapchat: Snapchat Plus.

Snapchat Plus offers a range of exclusive features such as Deleting My AI, Story Rewatch Indicator, Custom App Icons/Themes, Post View Emojis, Snapchat+ Badge, and Bitmoji Backgrounds. However, the most astounding one for those inclined towards celestial science is the Friend Solar System.

What is Friends Solar System on Snapchat

Comprising people from your friends list, this feature establishes a virtual solar system where each of your friends occupies a designated space.

Much like our real solar system, it consists of eight planets, with you taking on the central role of the sun. If you share a close friendship with someone, their Bitmoji will be positioned on a planet revolving around yours.

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The proximity of a friend's planet to the sun (representing you) signifies how strong your friendship is. While being of the same structure as our actual solar system, distinguishing the specific planets in this virtual counterpart can be challenging based on the graphics.

How to determine friendship strength on Friends Solar System

Here is the order of the Friend Solar System starting with the closest friend. Mercury is situated as your closest friend.

  • Venus is tan and has yellow, pink, and blue hearts.
  • Earth is easy to spot and has our moon orbiting it.
  • Mars is dark red with purple and blue hearts floating nearby.
  • Jupiter is orange-tinted and has its Great Red Spot.
  • Saturn has the famous rings that set it apart.
  • Uranus is green with swirls.
  • Neptune is depicted as a dark blue.

You can track your placement on the list by observing the expressions on Bitmojis' faces in the images. At the highest position on Mercury, the Bitmojis display smiles and happiness. As you go down the list, the Bitmojis shows less expressive facial expressions.