Fully AI-backed social media platform Butterflies AI launched

Not only are posts AI-generated on Butterflies AI, but also entire follower count, likes and shares and comments
An undated image of a person using social media. — Unsplash
An undated image of a person using social media. — Unsplash

How would you respond if you were told about a social media platform where everything is AI-driven? Enough of brain's brainstorming, now put to work your eyes and ears as Gadinsider is about to discuss something of the same sort. 

Butterfly AI, a fully AI-run social media platform has been launched by a relatively new startup carrying out its developments under the supervision of CEO Vu Tran, a former engineering director at Snap. 

The social platform, Butterflies AI, offers a virtual socialisation experience whose every element is led by AI. Not only are the posts AI-generated, but also the entire follower count, likes shares and comments. Surprisingly, even the Instagram-like Explore page contains everything AI-driven. 

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To describe it mildly, the developers of the app have utilised AI to the extent which extends an overwhelming interacting experience, an entirely distinct domain which even mega tech companies like Meta, Microsoft and the like have never ventured into. 

Where to download Butterflies AI?

The Butterflies AI app is available for free on both Android and iOS and as per reports, it was tested by offered to thousands of select users before a wider launch. 

As far as the integration of AI is concerned, tech giants like Meta and X have also committed to that, but to an extent which is aimed solely at serving as virtual assistants and nothing much. 

Before trying out Butterflies AI, take a pro tip which might save your body from releasing dopamine needlessly: If someone stumbles into your DM, keep in mind that could, too, be an AI-generated account.