Galaxy S21 FE supports Samsung’s camera assistant app

Camera Assistant app will let you twist a few aspects of stock camera apps
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy S21. — Samsung
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy S21. — Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition (FE) Galaxy S21 smartphone now provides the similar software experience like their non-FE cousins, which also includes few cutting-edge features such as Samsung DeX.

They also support the optional apps Samsung provides for Galaxy smartphones on the Galaxy Store to assist users get more out of various device features. However, when it comes to the camera assistant app, Samsung has not supported every FE handset, which has frustrated some users.

FE also offers multiple apps that Samsung provides on Galaxy phones over the store to assist users to avail more great features. But, the camera assistant app is not supported by each FE handset which even irritates a few users. However, Galaxy S21 FE has been supporting this app since January. This upgrade was quietly integrated into the phone without making an official announcement.

How to download and access it?

Here is how to download and access to Camera Assistant app in your phone:

  1. Firstly, go to the Galaxy store and search out the app.
  2. Click on ‘Install’ and wait for a few seconds.
  3. Once the installation is done, click ‘Open’ and provide access to all the Camera Assistant features simply by going to the camera setting’s bar.

Camera Assistant app will let you twist a few aspects of stock camera apps, add a 2x zoom button and easily customise it according to your way. 

You can also easily enable the distortion correction option to capture ultra-wide pictures and stop the option to shoot videos in Photo mode by clicking on the shutter button. Additionally, while shooting for any video you can also force the audio which is recorded to play through any other device such as bluetooth and headphones simultaneously.

Samsung is also expected to integrate these features with the new updates to the Camera Assistant app and we will try to keep you updated about it.