Gaming awards: MrBeast propels teenage gamer to limelight with £10,000 tip

MrBeast stands to be highest earner of YouTube with over 250 million YouTube subscribers
An undated image showing a person gaming. — Pexels
An undated image showing a person gaming. — Pexels

In a surprising series of events, a £10,000 tip from MrBeast has brought an avid, teenage gamer into limelight as well as inspired and turned him from an ordinary gaming freak into a full-time content creator on YouTube.

Tom Gardiner — also known as ReniDrag who's earning up to £25,000 with over half a million followers on YouTube — was sent £10,000 by the most-popular content maker on YouTube MrBeast during his livestream.

The teenager says social media transformed his life after he received a hefty tip from MrBeast. 

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Having started streaming himself in 2017 while playing games as a hobby, the 18-year-old gamer decided to make it a full-time career after he was set a spate gaming challenges by MrBeast in a "surreal" streaming.

Renowned for hosting grand giveaways and competitions, MrBeast stands to be the highest earner of YouTube with over 250 million YouTube subscribers.

"I had so much passion for editing and making videos. Even if no one watched it - I didn't care," said Tom, adding that "it was just a hobby at that point and I was really enjoying it."

Being staunchly committed to streaming every single day and having people watch and donate to his account, the "incredible turning point" came in March 2021 when the Youtube star jumped into his "live stream randomly" and donated £700.

"Minecraft is all about mining, and the challenge was to find a diamond. I think I had a minute against the clock. He then donated another £2,000 and set me the challenge to create a portal and I was able to do that too," Tom added while reflecting on his virtual interaction with the YouTube star.