Planet Coaster 2 to let users create water park

Releasing this fall, Planet Coaster 2 will let players create a waterpark, among other things

60 fps supported mobile phones for PUBG in Pakistan

PUBG 60 fps supported devices ensures that the fast-paced action of PUBG is rendered seamlessly

Microsoft to raise subscription fee for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

Besides planning to launch a new standard payment arrangement, Microsoft has decided to raise prices for Game Pass Ultimate members by $3

PUBG A8 Battle Royale Pass avaliable for pre-order

Pre-order PUBG'S new Battle Royale Pass between July 9 and 15 to avail perks and rewards

Elden Ring DLC: Unveiling release date, price, more announced

FromSoftware has gained players’ faith with famous expansions for prior games including Dark Souls, Bloodborne