GeForce Now down globally, Nvidia pledges restoration soon

Nvidia provides a workaround method to use GeForce Now which requires users to use Browser Client:
An undated image displaying an Nvidia Geforce graphics card. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying an Nvidia Geforce graphics card. — Unsplash

Chipmaker giant Nvidia's cloud gaming infrastructure GeForce Now is down around the world. Users attempting to gain access to their GeForce Now accounts were faced by an error during the login process.

Acknowledging the encountered by its cloud gaming service, the company confirmed the global outage on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. "We're aware that members are currently experiencing issues with GeForce NOW," the company said in its tweet.

As per the reports submitted on DownDetector, a independent surveillance firm that tracks website and digital services' outage worldwide, the service is down for over six hours now and has not been restored.

Workaround to access GeForce Now during outage

However, the company says that it has undertaken measures to bring the cloud gaming service in its stable state like before. On the status page of the company's official website, Nvidia while corroborated to the service failure and reassured users to reinstate it back soon.

While the company has not reflected on as to how long will it take to restore the cloud gaming service, it has also provided a workaround method with the same notification, which requires users to use the Browser Client:

"NVIDIA has gotten reports that while using Windows PC Client version 2.0.59, the user might not see their game launch. The video screen might freeze in the upper left corner of the screen. The suggested workaround is to use the Browser Client: NVIDIA is working this issue now. Thank you for your patience," the company said on the status page of its website.

Users can open the app, check their library, and attempt to start a game, but the stream does not load. The loading screen continues for a while before ultimately failing. Nvidia has acknowledged on its status page that the issue is affecting users worldwide, but they have identified a solution.