Gemini makes a seamless home in Google Messages

Gemini in Google Messages can be utilised to draft messages, think ideas, plan events and much more
An undated image of Gemini. — The Keyword
An undated image of Gemini. — The Keyword 

Gemini in Google Messages has been rapidly rolled out to secure users in the days after the announcement at I/O 2024. It joins current releases like Gemini 1.5 Pro in Gemini Advanced and the YouTube Music Gemini Extension.

Gemini will be visible as the first contact in the Start chat FAB > New conversation list. After allowing to some terms and conditions, the users are directed to a standard messaging UI. 

The users have emoji and the gallery option in the textual box, with the accessibility to upload pictures for the prompt, however, the users can’t upload audio messages.

Gemini in Google Messages can be utilised by the users to “draft messages, think ideas, plan the various events, or normally have a fun chat with someone”. Gemini has been developed to send more enhanced answers.

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The users have a direct chat with Gemini, which cannot be integrated into other chats, as Assistant in Google Allo earlier. There is assistance for Gemini Extensions, including Workspace (@Gmail, etc.), @Youtube, and @GoogleMaps. However, YouTube Music is not visible to Gemini in Google Messages.

The users can give feedback by reacting to the provided response with a thumbs-up or other emoji, along with the accessibility to star and forward options.

Chats are taking place over RCS (Rich Communication Services), which has to be allowed, however, they are not end-to-end encrypted. Gemini cannot be utilised using Google Messages on the web or the Wear OS (operating system) app.

Gemini in Google Messages is available internationally, whereas, it’s not available to the EEA, UK, Switzerland, or India. It sports for English and French in Canada. I have been visible to beta users since March.