Gimbal-attached IMAX projector with dual ceiling light

Integrated inside is ISA 5.0, a groundbreaking technology which is Xgimi's automatic screen adaptation feature
The image shows a Horizon Pro projector from Xgimi. — Xgimi
The image shows a Horizon Pro projector from Xgimi. — Xgimi

The Xgimi Horizon Max is a fancy projector that can make a really big and awesome picture like in an IMAX movie. It comes in a small box and has a special system to move around.

After making the Horizon Ultra last year, Xgimi is now making an even better version called the Horizon Max this year in collaboration with IMAX, Google, and Mediatek to make it great.

Horizon Max with autonomous projecting technology

The initial groundbreaking technology is ISA 5.0, which is Xgimi's automatic screen adaptation feature. The Horizon Max can assess its surroundings and determine the optimal placement for its projection. This is where the gimbal comes into play.

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During the space detection process, the Horizon Max employs the gimbal to direct the image towards a specific area on the wall.

Once a suitable space is identified, the Horizon Max stores information regarding the picture settings for the wall. If you later point the Horizon Max at a different location, it will recall and apply the previously saved settings when it returns to the original wall.

Horizon Max performance

Using Google TV In addition to Xgimi's exclusive Dual-Light 2.0 technology, the Horizon Max also makes use of phosphor lighting and a triple laser lighting system.

Additionally, the 3,100 ISO Lumens setting—which is an excellent place to be in most dark environments—is now possible with this new approach. In the day, viewing at any brightness lower than 3,000 lumens will be subpar unless you have an ultra-short throw projector with an ALR screen.

Just the IMAX accreditation serves as some evidence of Xgimi's ultra-high colour accuracy promises for the Horizon Max.

Smart light for Horizon Max

The Xgimi Aladdin is another notable release that compliments the projector. It adds even more convenience to its roster.

Mounted on the wall, the Aladdin is a light fixture that contains both the room's lighting component and a strong lighting unit for the projector. The Aladdin can project images up to 100 inches in the air.

Even while the concept seems illogical, it's quite clever. Ambient light can be managed by housing the room's lighting system. By adjusting the amount of light that the projector emits, you may lessen glare and create more floor space.