Gmail rolling out "Quick Reply" for Android

Quick Reply brings a text field at the bottom of the screen, hovering over Gmail’s persistent bottom bar
A visual representation of the Gmail logo - Unsplash/file
A visual representation of the Gmail logo - Unsplash/file

With earlier reports having suggested the inclusion of AI-assisted replies on the Gmail app on Android, a recent report now claims that the feature is about to be added. 

Dubbed as “Quick Reply”, the addition of this feature is set to make mailing more interactive and convenient by allowing users to access their response options at the bottom of their screens rather than having to scroll down. 

As it gets exhausting and repetitive for some users to have to reply to a bunch of emails at once, having such a feature will end up compounding into greater time efficiency which users are sure to appreciate. 

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Presently, when viewing a mail, users must scroll down to the bottom to access their response options: Reply, Reply All, and Forward along with an emoji option. 

“Quick Reply” will have a text field docked at the bottom of the user’s screen, hovering over Gmail’s persistent bottom bar, thereby allowing the user to respond instantly. 

Users can choose to respond through the text field, attach a file by tapping on the icon towards the left or select; Reply and Reply all by tapping on the menu options. Options to select an emoji or forward the mail will lie towards the right. 

The redesign was announced yesterday along with a string of updates to Google Messages and Google Home. 

Since the update is rolling out on an account-by-account basis, you might have it on one Gmail address but not the others.