Google all set to replace Google One VPN soon for Pixel owners

Users will see a key-shaped icon in the status bar rather than a numerical symbol
An undated image of Google Pixel 7. — IGN
An undated image of Google Pixel 7. — IGN

Google has been following its monopoly of integrating the best and exclusive features in Google Pixel phones. Recently, the Alphabet-owned tech giant has introduced the latest VPN services in its phones replacing Google One VPN with Pixel VPN by Google.

Google has touted to integrate this feature in the Google Pixel 8 series and the latest update is now also available in the Play Store, which would be free to all Pixel users and further aromatising the breeze, Google has come up with the best news for all the concerned Android users about the security and privacy measures and issues is that, it will be completely secure and reliable, mitigating the risks of any malware.

What's the new update?

According to tech enthusiasts, the upcoming update wouldn’t only be available for recent Google Pixel phones but also for older ones such as Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro, Google Pixel 8, and more, as the company wants users to keep utilising its phones for an extended time with more update support guarantees.

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Now, users would see a key-shaped icon in the status bar rather than a numerical symbol.

Alternatives of Google One VPN

If you are a Pixel user, require cutting-edge protection, and are unable to rely on Google then you can still easily access the best Android VPNs that offer advanced privacy at each step. However, as mentioned earlier, Google Pixel is free to use and there are several other options as well such as PrivadoVPN Free.

iOS users can use the best iOS VPNS, ExpressVPN and NordVPN, and more.