Google App gets a persistent Search bar at bottom

Users can search for anything now without having to leave the current webpage or article they are reading
A representational image. — Unsplash
A representational image. — Unsplash 

Google, the tech giant, has been working on making searching even easier and more accessible for the users. And now, the latest update to the Google app on Android devices is transforming that into a reality.

The latest update to Google app (version 15.24) adds a persistent Search bar at the bottom of browser window. This means that the users can search for anything now without having to leave current webpage or article they are reading.

The new Search bar is prominently displayed at bottom of the screen, with familiar four-colour Google logo (although it looks a bit misaligned) and a microphone icon for the voice searches. Tapping on bar displays a full-screen Search page or the users, where they can see their previous queries and get suggestions as they type.

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However, while the new Search bar does take up some screen real estate, it's not too obtrusive and doesn't significantly affect browsing experience of the users. In fact, it's quite convenient and effective to have Search bar always available, especially for the users who use Google Search frequently.

Additionally, this update could be a precursor to a bigger change in Google app, where the Search bar moves to the bottom of main screen. For those who have enabled "AI tools while browsing" in Search Labs, they might see the slight different bar with a bit more space reduction in its display. However, it seems that this feature is no longer available with the new bottom Search field.