Google Chrome introduces AI-driven tools for enhanced browsing

Google Chrome introduces three generative AI features to make web easier, safer and more accessible
The image shows Google Chrome logo on a mobile screen.— Pixabay

The image shows Google Chrome logo on a mobile screen.— Pixabay

Google Chrome is working on incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make everyday tasks easier for users. The goal is to enhance the browsing experience by assisting with common actions like managing tabs, searching, filling out forms, and reading web pages. 

According to Chrome’s engineering director, Adriana Porter Felt, the team has been brainstorming ideas to integrate AI technology into the browser.

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Last year, the company implemented Large Language Model (LLM) technology to create, an easier browsing experience. Recently, three generative AI features were introduced that included Chrome AI themes, Tab organiser and Help me Write tools to make the web easier, safer and more accessible.

Google Chrome AI themes 

This feature uses a text-to-image model to visually customise the Chrome browser according to the user’s preferences, allowing them to create a unique subject, mood, style, and colour scheme. 

Tab organiser on Google Chrome

Whereas the Tab organiser tool helps the users to group the browser tabs into categories so that it would be easier for the user to open a find the web pages. The Tab groups make it easier to manage multiple tabs simultaneously, with the new Tab organiser feature Google Chrome will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on the tabs you have opened.

Help me write on Google Chrome

The Help Me Write tool helps the users to craft copy according to the specific internet needs of the users using Gemini models. The new AI features will help users start writing or refine something they’ve already written as well as will understand the context of the webpage and the user to suggest the relevant content.