Google Contacts announce 'Besties Widget' — A new way to stay connected

Users can resize widget to fit their home screen and add or remove contacts according to their needs
An undated image of Googles Besties Widget feature. — Google Play Store/canva
An undated image of Google's Besties Widget feature. — Google Play Store/canva 

Google Contacts, a popular app for managing contacts, has announced its new feature — 'Besties Widget'. This new widget feature will allow the users to display their favourite contacts on their home screen, making it easier to stay connected with their family and friends.

What’s updated?

The Besties Widget is similar to the 'Favourite contacts' widget that was introduced last year including the layout and starred contacts feature, but it does dose have several surprising features. It also shares the same description and replaces the existing offering.

However, the Widget is still in development, and it's expected to have some unique features that will set it apart from Favourite contacts widget.

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One of the key benefits of Besties Widget is its customisability. Users can resize widget to fit their home screen, and will be able to add or remove contacts according to their needs. This means the users would be able personalise their home screen to show the contacts they interact with the most.

The Besties Widget is also expected to replace Android's Conversations widget. This means that users would be able to access conversations with their favourite contacts directly from their home screen. This feature aims to enhance the experience of the users who have a large number of contacts and want to quickly find the people they contact the most immediately.

Release of Besties Widget

The Besties Widget is expected to be rolled out to users in the near future. Google has not yet announced a release date, but it's expected to be soon. In the meantime, users can expect to see more updates and improvements to the app.