Google enhances in-car experience with new Android Auto and Google built-in features

Google Cast is available for cars with Android Automotive OS, allowing users to stream video content from devices to their cars
An undated image of the cars built-in features. — Google blogs
An undated image of the car's built-in features. — Google blogs 

Google, the biggest tech giant is enhancing the in-car experiences with new apps and features for Android Auto and Google built-in, including entertainment tools, Google casts and streamed tools for developers

The tech giant has announced the release of entertainment apps like Max, Peacock, and Angry Birds, making your drive a little less dull.

That’s not all — Google Cast is now available for cars with Android Automotive OS, allowing you to stream video content from your devices to your car’s screen while parked.

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The feature will initially roll out for the Rivian model, with more cars to follow. Additionally, the Uber Driver app is now available on Android Auto, making it easier for drivers to accept rides, navigate deliveries, and get directions on large infotainment screens. 

Google also makes it easier for developers to bring existing apps to cars. The company will provide guidelines for creating streamlined in-car experiences and new tools to simplify the process.

The “Car ready mobile apps” program will automatically add existing mobile apps to Android Auto if they meet certain criteria, making it easier for developers to reach a wider audience.

However, over the past few years, Google has focused on enhancing in-car entertainment options for times when you’re parked or stuck in traffic. 

The company has announced plans to bring streaming video and virtual meeting tools to car infotainment screens, with Volve a Polester being the first to offer YouTube on their in-car systems.