Google expands support infrastructure, hosts Fitbit's Help Centre

With native dark theme being an outstanding amendment, content dynamics of Fitbit support page remain same
The image displays Fitbit logo. — Fitbit
The image displays Fitbit logo. — Fitbit

In a bid to strengthen its ties with Fitbit, Google undertook some significant leadership changes by hosting the Fitbit Help Center on its existing support infrastructure.

After the changes, Fitbit Help articles can now be found on, departing from its previous location at

Meanwhile, with the native dark theme being an outstanding amendment, the content dynamics of the support page remain the same.

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When accessing the homepage, you can locate guidance on navigating the new Fitbit Help Center hosted on the Google domain, commonly associated with Gmail, Pixel, and other first-party products. While some primary product pages remain, the help articles within redirect you to the Google site.

Additionally, Fitbit has transferred all PDF manuals, including those for older products like Fitbit One and the Flyer Bluetooth headphones, to the Google domain. Notably, live support chat services continue to be managed by Fitbit rather than adopting Google's solution.

One aspect that remains consistent is the "Fitbit Community." The support forum remains unchanged and is still accessible at, following the same structure as Google Nest.