Google introduces new AI features to enhance user experience

These special AI features include; Chrome's Tab Organiser, AI for Chrome theme store, and 'Help me write' feature
A representational image of Chrome browser. — Unsplash
A representational image of Chrome browser. — Unsplash

In order to enhance user experience, Google’s Chrome browser is adding generative artificial intelligence (AI) features in a unique manner — which will utilise its models instead of the Bard sidebar.

According to a report by The Verge, these features are now available in an "experimental mode" that can be activated in browser settings, and Google claims they are just the beginning of the AI browser takeover.

Gadinsider takes a look at some of the features:

Chrome's Tab Organiser

This feature allows users to right-click on a tab and select "organise similar tabs," creating a tab group filled with similar content.

AI for Chrome theme store

The AI upgrade in Chrome’s theme store allows users to select an image, style, and colour, and Chrome will automatically generate a browser theme based on these preferences.

'Help me write' feature

Google’s "Help Me Write" feature will be introduced to all websites next month allowing users to right-click on any text box and select the feature. The AI will generate a first draft for users, suggesting it could be used for writing reviews, emails, or party RSVPs.

A Google blog stated that the tech giant plans to enhance its search engine’s AI capabilities to help users not only find but also interact with and create more content, as seen in features like Chrome's article summarisation and expects more of this in the future.