App purchases on Play Store simplified as Google introduces Ask Payment feature

Ask Payment feature is consistent with Google's broader strategy to improve the usability and flexibility
An undated image of Googles Pay app. — Unsplash
An undated image of Google's Pay app. — Unsplash

Google has unveiled a groundbreaking new feature authorising Android users to ask friends or family members to pay for apps on their behalf. This feature integrated with Google Pay simplifies digital transactions and enhances user experience. 

The "Ask Payment" feature is designed to make in-app purchases more adaptable and accessible. This feature is especially useful for youngsters or those who don't have access to a credit card but want to make purchases on the Play Store. Moreover, this supports those who want another person to manage their app expenditures. 

Google has featured security measures for this new feature. The payment process is protected by Google Pay's strong security protocols, including encryption and secure servers, ensuring that sensitive information is protected during all purchases. 

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The feature is presently revealing progressively and might be unavailable in all regions. The users must ensure that they have the upgraded version of the Google Play app to use this feature. Both parties must have Google Pay accounts and compatible devices. 

The Ask Payment feature is consistent with Google's broader strategy to improve the usability and flexibility of its payment method. By allowing users to ask for payments from its network, moreover, Google is utilising the social element of financial transactions, making it easier for users to manage their in-app purchases. 

For families, the Ask Payment feature can redesign in-app purchases for kids, with parents having the ability to control and approve spending directly from their devices. It also promotes a sense of shared financial responsibility and convenience in social circles. 

Here's how the Ask Payment feature works:

  • Click the app you want to purchase from the Google Play Store
  • Choose the "Ask to Pay" option and select a contact from your Google Contacts list
  • The selected contact receives a notification with the payment request
  • The recipient can then complete the payment using their Google Pay account