Google introduces new Gemini AI button to Gmail for Android

Gemini AI button feature will be available for personal Gmail accounts
A representational image. Google
A representational image. Google 

Google the tech giant is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, and its latest initiative is no exception. The company is working on integrating its Gemini AI bot into various apps, and the latest developments suggest that the Gmail app could be next in line for Android to get an AI-infused feature.

Rumours suggest that the new button, represented by a star icon, will allow users to access a range of AI-powered features beyond just email summaries. This includes reply suggestions, tone adjustments, drafted responses, and even non-email-related tasks.

What to expect?

While it is not clear whether this Gemini AI button feature will be available for personal Gmail accounts, these will likely be personal Gmail accounts. It is expected to enable users to interact with the AI bot, ask questions and request help with various tasks.

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The AI will have limited access to previous emails, allowing it to provide content–specific information. Gmail integration, like viewing unread emails with the chat window, might not be available initially.

Google's decision to introduce the Gemini AI button in the Gmail app for Android is a testament to the company's innovation. The feature was first spotted in April, although the toolbar button was not visible at that time. It also matches some of the functionality paid Google Workspace users already have in Gmail.