Google I/O 2024 – What’s new in Google Meet?

Gemini 1.5 Pro will let users search their Gmail messages by just giving it a command
An undated image of Google I/O 2024 poster. — 9to5 Google
An undated image of Google I/O 2024 poster. — 9to5 Google

Google I/O 2024 on Tuesday launched new features for Google Meet. Now, there is much more instead of just attending a meeting online.

Google is continuously adding advancements in its apps. This time, at Google I/O 2024, it has made another announcement to improve its workspace like Google Meet. Now, you can search your Gmail messages via Gemini by just giving it a command. Moreover, you can also make the key points from Google Meet recording.

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“We are working to make it much more powerful with Gemini”, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google said. This update from Google will be beneficial whether you are travelling or outside and can’t attend a meeting then you can just record it and when you get free just play and get the key points from it via Gemini. 

This will save you time and you don’t have to listen carefully to an hour-long meeting.

Additionally, Pichai has announced that the Gemini 1.5 Pro is available in workspace labs. While these are some glimpses from the Google I/O meeting regarding the workspace there is a lot more that happened in the event including Gemini, Google Photos and more.