Google I/O highlights: Everything around AI-backed Android development

Gemini is added to App Quality Insights tool in Android Studio to merge data from Firebase Crashlytics and Android Vitals
An undated image representing development. — Google
An undated image representing development. — Google

Despite being a mega tech event, Google I/O was something that caught the eyes of every generation dwelling in today's AI-powered highly advanced world. 

Whether is a baby boomer or belonged to the tech-savvy Gen Z, they found fascinating everything announced at the Google I/O event.

Google I/O 2024: Developers Note

Developers are another community for which Google spilled the beans yesterday, so they too stay in the loop of AI-backed development evolving with each passing day. 

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A wide range of features and tools were disclosed during Developer's Note, a separate segment conducted solely for Android developers. Among the abundance of such tools, the most noteworthy are aimed to let developers exploit the capabilities of AI and enjoy developing high-quality apps for the Android. 

What’s new in Android Developer Tools

As Google has incorporated AI features in Android Studio for the purpose of development environment for building Android apps, here's a rundown of all that was of a notable degree.

Gemini in Android Studio

One key AI feature is Gemini, which would now suggests coding workaround within the Android Studio editor, allowing developers to send custom prompts to Gemini, leading to the generation of code suggestions which a developer can either add to new code or transform an existing one.

Gemini for recommendations on crash reports

At Google I/O Keynote, it was observed that Gemini would be added to the App Quality Insights tool in Android Studio to merge data from Firebase Crashlytics and Android Vitals, facilitating to analyse their app's crash reports, get insights, provide a crash summary, and provide possible solutions, including coding samples and relevant documentation.

A new starter app template has also been installed in Android Studio to make developers begin prototyping with Gemini. This template allows developers to extend their desired prompts directly to the Gemini API, write image sources as input, and display the responses.

Using Vertex AI — Google's well-managed platform for designing and deploying generative AI applications — developers can access powerful Gemini AI when they're ready to take their AI features to production.