Google I/O updates: Android to get Gemini update, scam call detection, student-friendly Circle to Search

Google promises to bring AI-powered scam call detection on its standard phone dialer app on Android devices
An undated image of Gemini logo. — Google
An undated image of Gemini logo. — Google

You must be accustomed to, or even bored of, the unstoppable pace at which revelations and announcements made at yesterday's Google I/O 2024 event held annually by search giant Google.

Google I/O summary: What's new for Android?

But this article will impart something you'll be grateful to be knowledgeable of. Gadinsider guarantees that because Google's officials at yesterday's Google I/O event lifted the veil off a spate of new features slated to be offered on Android smartphones in the near future.

While Google didn't disclose Android 15 features during the event, the announcements — made by VP of Engineering at Google — regarding upcoming AI-powered features for Android devices come on the heels of the next big smartphone operating system update set to roll out later this year.

Google I/O 2024: Android to get scam call detection

In a bid to to protect user privacy, Google yesterday pledged to bring AI-powered scam call detection on its standard phone dialer app, engraining in it the ability to detect scam calls that usually enquire about bank account details from users. Unfortunately, fate of this protective feature hangs in the balance as nothing was said regarding its expected release schedule.

Google I/O announcements: Circle to Search upgraded

The most notable feature reveal was an upgrade — set to release this year — to iteration of Circle to Search — Google's AI-assisted visual lookup feature which is exclusive to some Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones. The feature will now make students' homework chores easier.

Google said its LearnLM technology will enable users to circle a prompt to solve "problems involving symbolic formulas, diagrams, graphs and more."

Google I/O 2024: Gemini AI update

Another jaw-dropping announcement at yesterday's Google I/O event was of an update coming to Google's Gemini AI model, an AI too supported on Android smartphones. The update will make Gemini on Android to provide insights on YouTube videos and let users use AI-generated images in Gmail and Messages.

Moreover, a new, yet-to-be-embedded "Ask this PDF" option will cater to users' inquiries by analysing and extracting information from PDF documents, eliminating the need to read tremendous amount of PDFs.