Google Keep likely to allow users resize windows on tablets, mobiles

Google Keep's expected change is likely to be a game-changer for all the users
An undated image of a Google Keep logo. —Google Keep
An undated image of a Google Keep logo. —Google Keep

Google is gearing up to introduce a latest and intriguing feature that would be helpful for the users of foldable devices as well as tablet users to easily resize Google Keep windows on their mobile devices.

This expected change is likely to be a game-changer especially, for all the users who are dependent on Google Keep while using big screens. Right now, the mobile app provides standard window size options including full screen and default mode.

This yet-to-be launched feature would help to bring the screen more in line along with a desktop app and in order to achieve this function, where a workaround extension is already live.

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Additionally, this layout is still available in Google Calendar app and an APK breakdown showed that Google is consistently gearing up to integrate this feature in Google Keep as well. But, initially it will only be available in devices with greater display density with more than 600 pixels each inch.

However, it should be considered that not all the discoveries via code teardowns make it to the final launch of a feature and there are still some possibilities that the Alphabet-owned company wouldn't release the feature.

All the users are anticipating any update and confirmation of this news related to the potential feature that would surely improve the versatility of Google Keep for a larger audience.