Google launches Pixel 8a with outstanding features at affordable prices

Latest Pixel reveals significant upgrades that make it the best
An undated image of Google Pixel 8a. — Google
An undated image of Google Pixel 8a. — Google

Google is once again ready to become a vibrant force in the mobile industry with its new Pixel 8a, as it has released the latest model with flagship qualities. Its previous model Pixel 7a was available in just $499 and the newly launched model is also available in the same price. But, based on three significant features, Pixel 8a will certainly be the most competitively priced phone in 2024.

Pixel 8a is substantially the best phone ever launched by Google which supports 120Hz refresh rate, 2,000 nits brightness. It also possess an OLED display similar to the Pixel 7a. Also, It can only be used adjusted means that the user can’t force the display to stay at 120Hz.

Seven years of OS updates

Another great feature that the upcoming model posses is certainly the AI integration such as Audio Eraser, Gemini, etc. So, it is probably the best phone which is available at lower prices, not only this but it also features 256GB variant for users who prefer more specified space. However, the previous models of Google Pixel only possessed one storage size and even the predecessor Pixel 7a was also limited to only 128GB.

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Pixel 8a possesses 6.1-inch size while capturing videos and photos and available in two vibrant colours ‘Aloe’ and ‘Slime Green’, which gives a captivating look. Also, its back cover is also waterproof so you would never find any oil stains on the device this year.