Google Maps will offer speedometer for iPhone

iPhone and CarPlay users are reportedly seeing a speedometer appear on their navigation screens
An undated image of a navigation system. — iStock
An undated image of a navigation system. — iStock

Have a more pleasant driving experience with Google Maps. Users have reported seeing a speedometer appear on their navigation app screen.

This addition, first reported by Autoevolution, is available for both iOS and CarPlay. Unfortunately, no image has been made available yet.

Notably, the speedometer uses the phone’s GPS, making it more accurate than the car’s own measurement.

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Some Android versions of the Google Maps app do feature the speedometer, but it is intriguing to see it extended to iOS and CarPlay as well.

Alternative navigation apps

For those who aren’t keen on the Google Maps experience, other apps like Waze, available on iOS and Android, offer a similar feature, providing real-time speed information while on the road.

Apple Maps is another contender in this space. It informs users of the speed limit when they’re driving. iOS 18 is set to take this further by introducing topographical maps, preset and custom hiking routes, and more.

It is a little disheartening to learn that Google is only offering this addition to a very limited user base. Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see Google take the initiative to offer a more holistic driving experience.