Google's March Pixel Feature Drop brings Call Screen, Circle to Search, PW2 features

March Pixel Feature Drop is offering Call Screen, Circle to Search, and some PW2 features for the Pixel Watch lineup
An undated image displaying a Pixel Phone. — Pexels
An undated image displaying a Pixel Phone. — Pexels

While the tech giant Google unexpectedly rolled out an assortment of features for its Pixel devices in January, its releasing the March Pixel Feature Drop today globally except the US, as it plans to hit a nationwide rollout not before March 11.

Among an impressive array of features coming with the March Pixel Feature Drop, the outstanding ones include Call Screen, Circle to Search, and some PW2 features for the Pixel Watch lineup.

Features of March Pixel Feature Drop

Call Screen feature on Google Pixel 

Note that the Call Screen feature is expected to remain exclusive to the Pixel 6 and newer Pixel models in English in the US. Wondering over how the Call Screen feature works? There's not much to grasp, as once it's enabled, it pops up two new buttons: "Hello?" and “I’ll be right there” — “One sec, checking with the person you called”. 

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The "Hello?" feature button prompts the caller if the line is silent, while the “I’ll be right there” button gives you additional time before the call drops. 

Updated Google Account settings

As part of a new “Previously used with account” section, Fast Pair headphones saved to your Google Account will now appear in Settings > Connected devices. 

Users with Pixel 7, 7 Pro, Fold, 8, and 8 Pro devices will be able to upload Ultra HDR photos to Instagram and 10-bit HDR video to Instagram Reels with the enriched features of the March Pixel Feature Drop. To do so, ssers will have to enable the settings from Pixel Camera app. 

Circle to Search on Pixel phones

While bragging about single app screen sharing in Android 14 QPR2 for both, recording and Casting, Google says that Circle to Search is “coming soon” to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro which will also be offered to the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro later. 

Gboard Voice Toolbar on Pixel Tablet

The feature drop makes the Gboard Voice Toolbar in its Gboard 13.9 version, rolling out soon, to disappear the full keyboard when the user would be using speech-to-text. The Gboard Voice Toolbar will by default be located at the bottom of screen, letting you access emojis and other settings as well. 

New Pixel Watch features

The Pixel Watch is receiving numerous features from the Pixel Watch 2 from the March Pixel Feature Drop, including the addition of the Fitbit Relax app for breathing exercises. The new Auto Workout Mode will automatically detect when you begin and end activities such as running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor biking, treadmill use, and rowing. 

Google is also introducing Pace Training to monitor whether you are staying within or exceeding your target pace. Additionally, there is Heart Zone Training to track the personalised zone you are exercising in, with haptic and verbal notifications, while Fitbit offers resting heart rate and fitness levels, and allows users to set their own personal targets.