Google Messages enables multi-SIM RCS texting

Previously, Google Messages did not allow RCS chats on more than one number
The image displays Google Messages logo. — Pixabay
The image displays Google Messages logo. — Pixabay

Google Messages has now granted support for dual-SIM RCS texting after initially restricting RCS functionality to a single phone number.

The capability, activated by a Telegram user, allows users to engage in RCS chats on both SIMs, with the option to switch between connections for sending messages, as revealed through screenshots shared by a tipster (@assembledebug) on X (formerly Twitter).

The development reflects on the company’s ambitions to be gearing up to offer support for dual (multi) SIM, according to a 9to5Google report.

From the beginning, Google has said “RCS chats are available for your default or preferred call SIM at this time and may be available for other SIMs later.”

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The company seems to be taking steps to incorporate support, a crucial factor for global RCS adoption. Users with dual SIM phones are observing the presence of multiple numbers in the Settings > RCS chats section, which has undergone some visual enhancements recently.

It’s noteworthy that there are checkboxes next to each number instead of the usual generic SIM card icon.

According to the current report, the configuration of the second number is currently unavailable, as Google has not activated the necessary server-side elements for dual/multi-SIM RCS support in Messages.