Google Messages to enhance image-sharing UI with new feature

Users can take pictures by tapping on camera button in Google Messages
The image displays Google Messages logo. — Pixabay
The image displays Google Messages logo. — Pixabay

Google Messages, popular messaging app for Android smartphones, is gearing up to bring enhanced image-sharing interface alongside an assortment of new features in the near future.

At present, the RCS-powered messaging service does not allow users to attach multiple images in chat at a time. Given that, users have to embed each image separately when multiple images are needed.

Not only does the upcoming features will allow users to add multiple images at a time but also display it on a preview screen.

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According to a prolific tipster cited by Gadgets360, the feature was spotted on the latest Beta version of the Google Messages. The app introduced a preview screen that includes two new features while removing one.

It’s worth highlighting that the improvements are only being made for images that are captured while using the app, whereas, selecting images from the gallery or folder is still the same.

The app sports an in-app camera for users so that they do not have to leave the app to select images to send them to anyone.

Whereas, when you’re chatting with someone, you can tap on the camera-and-gallery icon next to the text field to send images. This will show the most recent pictures on the phone besides an option to select folders and a mini camera window.

The users can take a picture through the camera window by tapping on the camera button, and can also switch to the front camera or record a video. Once you click an image, it will preview with three options; to edit, download, or attach the image. Attaching the image, you get back to the previous screen to click another picture.

The tipster highlighted that with a new feature, the preview screen displays an Add More button, allowing users to attach more images more conveniently.

Moreover, the attach option is replaced with the send option which allows users to share pictures directly with anyone. On the other hand, if they want to add a caption with an image, this can be done through the preview screen.

However, the edit icon is not visible anymore. This tool helps users to write or draw on images to highlight certain important parts. Likely, the feature will not be available after its global update is released in the market.