Google Nest Video Doorbell to be supported on Pixel Tablet

On Pixel Tablet, livestream of Nest Doorbell can be pulled up and display who’s at front door
An undated image of a video doorbell. — Pexels
An undated image of a video doorbell. — Pexels

The market of smart home accessories has been inflated with countless brands that offer a product of quality, reliability and affordability. But Google's Nest video doorbell is going to cause shockwaves in this sphere while standing out for various reasons.

Pixel Tablet Nest Doorbell

What we're referring to is that an update of Google Pixel Tablet is on the horizon, which will transform it into a smart home gadget. 

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In an announcement made in an official blog post, the tech giant Google stated that with its app on the Pixel Tablet, the livestream of the Nest Doorbell can be pulled up and display who’s at the front door while also extending an option to talk to them or send a quick responses.

Google Nest Doorbell (battery)

This capability was just been hinted in the ongoing summer, suggesting that it is supported on all Nest doorbells, including the first-gen and second-gen wired versions, and the Nest Doorbell battery while also being part of the Google Home Public Preview.

Google Nest doorbell app on Pixel Tablet

To access the live stream which Google has pledged, users must have the latest version of the gadget installed in their Pixel Tablet. Moreover, to get the job done, they will also have to lock and dock the tablet over the charging speaker dock to get a full screen view.

Nest Doorbell visitor announcement not working

If the visitor announcement on your Nest Doorbell not working, there could be several reasons at play, including your Wi-Fi connection, disturbed notification settings, activation of DND mode, pending firmware updates and many more.