Google One, Bard joining forces? Leaked plans suggest paid AI subscription

The developer claims the code on the Google Bard website contains references to Bard Advanced.
A representational image. — Shutterstock
A representational image. — Shutterstock

If you have been using Google’s Bard Advanced chatbot for quite some time now, then hold your heart because users will have to soon pay to access the most powerful version of the service that competes with Microsoft’s Copilot and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), developer Bedros Pamboukian claimed that the code on the Google Bard website contains references to Bard Advanced.

As per the code mentioned in the picture attached by the developer, the first sentence states: "Try Bard Advanced for 3 months, on us."

The second line read: " Get more capable large language models with advanced math and reasoning skills with Bard Advanced for 3 months on us."

Gadgets360 — interpreting the codes — clarified that Bard Advanced will be offered as a part of the three-month trial; however, the users will have to pay to continue using Bard Advanced after the trial period ends.

However, it should be noted that it is unclear at the moment when will the company roll out the most advanced version.

The developer further, in another tweet, hinted towards the possibility of Bard Advanced being linked to the company’s Google One Subscription.

Upon inspecting Bard's source code from a browser, a Google One URL — currently broken at the time of publishing this story — suggests that Bard Advanced could either be included as part of a Google One subscription or be available as a separate purchase.