Google One rolls out ‘Dark web reports’ for all Google Account holders

'Results about you' section will find and remove search results that contain personal data of users
An undated image of a person using Google on a laptop. — Unsplash
An undated image of a person using Google on a laptop. — Unsplash

Google One, a subscription providing storage for various Google apps, is set to extend its Dark Web Reports feature to all Google account holders later this July. 

Before the announcement, this feature was only available to those who had Google One membership. However, Google is likely to make this update to help users protect their online presence and privacy. 

How Google One 'Dark web reports' feature works

According to Google One Help, after setting up a profile, Google monitors the dark web so users stay aware if any of their data has been found in data breaches and leaks. 

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Instead of requiring the application to the Google One, the information will now be directly entered into the “Results about you” section. 

This section will let you find and ask for the removal of search results that contain personal data, while “Dark web report” monitors parts of the web that are or hard to access for leaks of your personal information including name, address, phone number, and email. 

These reports are available across 46 countries around the globe and will help improve user privacy, as data breaches are very common and concerning across various online services.