Google Pixel 8 being endorsed on Search's homepage with Upgrade now button

When clicked by a user, the Upgrade now button navigates to
An undated image shows Google Chromes homepage. — Unsplash
An undated image shows Google Chrome's homepage. — Unsplash

If we take a thorough look on the entire timeline of the search engine giant,, the default homepage of Google Chrome browser is mostly used as a platform to endorse newly introduced first-party hardware and features.

Reinforcing its legacy of recommending newcomers in the tech sphere to the masses, the homepage of the Google Search is now advertising the Google Pixel 8 with a new “Upgrade now.” The page is displaying a message on the Search homepage, stating that “Try the new Google Pixel 8.”

What sets this recommendation apart is that this message is appearing on the top-right corner instead of displaying it below the search bar, a departing move from its earlier approach.

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Commending the Google Pixel 8 phone, the message adds, “Built with Pixel’s most advanced chip and Google Al to help you do more.” While this indication of the Tensor G3 and AI features — the development of Gemini Nano which the company revealed earlier this week — does not suffice to stir any excitement among the enthusiasts, the camera capability is something worthy of appreciation.

When clicked by a user, the button navigates you to the instead of redirecting to the Pixel 8 or 8 Pro listing.

Such type of messages on Google Search, featuring the Google logo at the left side of the page, have traditionally been used to make users sign-in to ensure that your account is safeguarded.

Making it surprising is the time at which this endorsement has emerged as the device — as part of Google Store’s spring sale — has been listed at a $50 off price point by the company itself, the deepest first-party discounts. This Google Store’s spring sale is valid April 6.

Google Store’s spring sale offers

  • $200 off Pixel 8: $499 — Amazon — Best Buy
  • $250 off Pixel 8 Pro: $749 — Amazon — Best Buy
  • $500 off Pixel Fold: $1,299 — Amazon — Best Buy
  • $125 off Pixel 7a: $374 — Amazon — Best Buy