Google Pixel 8a release, specs, design: All you need to know

Google Pixel 8a is speculated to come with same storage capacity as that of Pixel 8: 128 GB
An undated image displaying a Pixel phone. — Pexels
An undated image displaying a Pixel phone. — Pexels

Right at the time when the hype was about to diminish from Google Pixel, a recent series of rumours have begun hinting at a fresh iteration to the Google Pixel 8 series. 

Although a lot of previously surfaced leaks provided glimpse of what might be an element of the Google Pixel 8a, but the latest out-in-the-open leak has spilled the whole pot of beans. 

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Given that, you don't have to wait until Google I/O 2024 to be informed of what the company is about to offer with the newest addition to the Pixel family.

Google Pixel 8a design

Citing Yogesh Brar, a prolific speculator, Digital Trends said the Google Pixel 8a would come with a 6.1 inches display to extend room for considerable content, but won't have a 120Hz refresh which was previously rumoured.

Coming to how much data it might accommodate inside, the smartphone is speculated to come with the same storage capacity as that of Pixel 8. Moreover, with a likely placement of a 4,500mAh battery with support for 27W charging rate, you will be supplied enough power to keep going an entire day, bringing it parallel to the iPhone 15 Pro in terms of recharging speed.

As far as its photographic capability is concerned, you might be able to capture quality pictures with its 64MP primary lens and 13MP ultrawide lens, the ones we witnessed on the Pixel 7a, as so is the case of 13MP selfie camera.

With all these specifications-related goodness aside, the biggest point to ponder is that Google's excellence lies in software, not hardware, meaning that it a bit unfair to this device on the basis of similar hardware as those on Google's earlier flagship lineups.

Similar to its predecessor, Pixel 7a, the Pixel 8a is expected to be available for $500/$550 for variant with 256GB model, validating Google's reasoning behind offering Google Pixel 8 for $699.

Google Pixel 8a release date

Since all of this is based on a rumour, be sure to verify before making any decisions regarding your likes and dislikes for this handset. All we can do at the moment is be patient and the keynote of Google I/O 2024 to see the Google Pixel 8a officially revealed.