Google Pixel 9 specs: Rumour lifts the veil off crispy display, flickering bezels

Video-based leak shows Google Pixel 9 from front, sides, and back
An undated image of a pink phone. — Unsplash
An undated image of a pink phone. — Unsplash

Wandering in the infinite maze of the internet to encounter some more insights regarding the upcoming Pixel lineup: The Google Pixel 9 series? Then read on as Gadinsider is here to divulge some exciting nitty-gritty about the class-leading, yet-to-release Google Pixel phone.

Among a spate of rumours accruing from the rumour mill around this phone, a fresh one has enjoined the stream, giving us a better idea about the device's display dynamic.

Courtesy of @reparation_mobile23, the leaker, who, after getting their hands on the purported Pixel 9, brought to light even the intricacies of the display from all angles. 

Showcasing the smartphone from the front, sides, and back, the video-based leak shows the device with a display on, completely flat glass which resembles its preceding counterpart.

Besides the glass that looks similar to that of the previous generation, Pixel 8, the bezels, too, seem to have immense assimilation with the previous Pixel lineup.

The eventual sigh of relief that the latest leak, which we're covering at the moment, provides details of more angles than the previous one did. The older leak also suggests that the vibrant pink model of the series is expected to be called "Peony" with its hardware standing in line with more stale speculations.

Google Pixel 9 release date

According to TechRadar, the Google Pixel 9 is expected to be announced in early October 2024, with a market release shortly after the announcement. This aligns with Google's typical release schedule for its Pixel series​.