Google Pixel latest update removes battery information page for select users

Pixel users in US need to wait until March 11 to install March Pixel Feature Drop
An undated image of a Pixel phone. — Unsplash
An undated image of a Pixel phone. — Unsplash

While the recently released March Pixel Feature Drop offered an assortment of some need-fulfilling features and functions, it seems that it has done away with the battery information. 

Battery page on Pixel devices

The Android 14 QPR1 for Google Pixel smartphones introduced a very basic statistic that tails the battery health to keep its record, which can be found under Settings > About Phone > “Battery information.” 

Besides insights pertaining to the device's battery, the page contained the manufacturing date of the device accompanied by the “Cycle count” for the phone's battery.

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The battery info page now shows no “Battery health” data, but only accounts for how many cycles the battery has undergone.

Aside from the current regional availability, there have been numerous reports from Pixel users who updated overnight and found that the "Battery information" section is missing from their Pixel Settings app.

A couple of other devices too witnessed the removal of battery segment after installing March update, which means that the problem is being encountered by only a handful of Pixel users. It's currently uncertain whether this issue impacts all Pixel phones after the update.

Considering that it was included in the previous QPR update, it's probable that this is a bug that has been overlooked, as I am not experiencing any issues with the "Battery information" screen on my Pixel 8 running the February 2024 patch.

March Pixel Feature Drop availability in US

The OTA update for the Pixel 5a and newer is not yet accessible in all regions. Pixel users in the US will need to wait until March 11 to install the 700MB+ update.

This bug will hopefully be fixed before the OTA update is rolled out to US owners next week, particularly since QPR2 contains more than 30 fixes for the Pixel 8 series alone.