Google Pixel to receive 'Lookup' feature on Phone app

Google Pixel phones will soon get a new intelligent function called "look up" to let users recognise incoming calls
An undated image displaying a Google Pixel phone. — Pixabay
An undated image displaying a Google Pixel phone. — Pixabay

Google seems to be on the point of rolling out an innovative feature for its Pixel phones: the 'Lookup' feature. This new addition aims to revolutionise the way users identify unknown callers on Google Pixel Phones. 

Pixel users can initiate a search for unfamiliar numbers directly from the Phone app. The feature was initially spotted by Assemble Debug on the beta version of the Google Phone app, this feature simplifies the process of identifying unknown callers. 

Lookup feature on Phone app

When faced with an unfamiliar number in the 'Recents' tab of the Phone app, users will see a 'Lookup' button. Upon tapping that button, a list of apps installed on the phone capable of performing web searches will appear. Among these, the Google Search app takes the lead, searching for that number. 

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However, the primary focus of this feature seems to be on recognising calls from businesses listed on Google, rather than private individuals. 

The feature does not aim to replace popular caller ID apps like Truecaller. but all it would ensure is a potential collaboration between itself and similar apps awaiting their release in the near future. 

The publication also highlighted a redesign in the interface of the emergency number dialer during calls. Moreover, the Pixel lineup will also eliminate the need for users to switch between different apps or manually scour the web for information.