Google Pixel Tablet 2 is coming: Rumours suggest

Latest Android beta release reveals two new codenames, indicating potential development of a next-generation Pixel Tablet 2
An undated image displaying Pixel devices. — Google
An undated image displaying Pixel devices. — Google

The latest Android beta release has revealed two new codenames, indicating the potential development of a next-generation Pixel Tablet 2. During the development of the original Pixel Tablet, it was referred to internally as "Tangor" and later as "Tangorpro," which eventually became the released product. 

Moreover, there were indications of another codename "Citron" associated with the tablet, although its purpose remains unconfirmed. 

On top of that, there were two versions of the Pixel Tablet’s bundled dock in development – “Korlan” and “Yuzu,” hinting at Google's intention to offer a charging-only dock for the device. The codenames for the Pixel Tablet series have all revolved around fruits, particularly those in the citrus family.

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The initial beta version of Android 14 QPR3 has been launched by Google for its Pixel phones, while the new features and improvements visible on the surface are currently being explored alongside the funstions hidden within the code. 

Within the code, 9to5Google has discovered a compilation of existing and upcoming Pixel devices. Among the well-known Pixel phone codenames, there are two new entries that have not been seen before – "Clementine" and "Kiyomi."

Now, it's time to take a break and talk about citrus fruits. In the field of horticulture, a tangor typically refers to a hybrid created by crossing a sweet orange with another type of citrus fruit. One well-known example of a tangor is the clementine, which is grown globally, and the Kiyomi is another tangor hybrid that originated in Japan.

For the time being, there is no clear indication in Android 14 QPR3 regarding the types of devices Clementine and Kiyomi will be. However, this citrus connection suggests that we might be seeing the initial stages of development for a Pixel Tablet 2. Nevertheless, with the limited details at hand, these promising speculations might turn out differently in future.