Google plans to remove AI answers in search

Google claims that it is providing “high quality information” to all the users
An undated image of Google. — Freepik
An undated image of Google. — Freepik

Since Google has been frequently testing artificial intelligence (AI) overviews for more than a year now and according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the company has served over a billion queries in that time and he further added that Google has already bought the price of providing AI answers down by 80 % simultaneously, “driven by hardware, engineering and technical breakthroughs.”

The Verge, citing one of the founders of AI, reported: “A company once known for being at the cutting edge and shipping high-quality stuff is now known for low-quality output that’s getting meme’d,”.

However, Google is constantly claiming that its customers that it is providing "high quality information" to all the users.

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One of the spokesperson of Google Meghann Farnsworth has said: "Many of the examples we've seen have been uncommon queries, and we've also seen examples that were doctored or that we couldn't reproduce."

In 2022, when Meta launched a new AI system termed as Galactica, which was pulled down in some time after its launch due to Among other things, it advised consuming glass.

However, Google is expected to be working on some bigger plans related to AI Overviews which will be revealed in the near future and the AI feature which exists today is nothing in front of that grand plan.